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..where the boundaries of physical and digital worlds blur..


Why The Metaverse

Skipping a Metaverse strategy today is akin to operating without a website.
The Metaverse market, forecasted to hit $74.4bn by 2024, is on an explosive growth trajectory, expected to surge at a yearly rate of 37.73% to reach $507.8bn by 2030.

Act now to seize this rapidly expanding opportunity!

Happy Clients

"I am tremendously grateful to MADSPACE for their unwavering support for HYPED, consistently delivering animations of the highest quality that truly stand out. It has been an absolute pleasure to witness their dedication and expertise. I eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration and am excited to see what they create next!"


Gregory Dayao
HYPED President

"I was thoroughly pleased with the work of the team from MADSPACE, I must say I greatly enjoyed collaborating with them. Always prepared, punctual, and in fine spirits. Their professionalism and positive attitude made every interaction a pleasure. I look forward to working with them again in the near future!"

Alfa Property Development: HALLER 11

Máté Kozma  
Senior Sales Manager

"We opted for MADSPACE to handle our visual presentation following a glowing recommendation, and I must say, it was an exceptionally good decision. Their team is outstandingly talented and brings creativity to every project. I genuinely mean it when I say their expertise and execution are second to none. I am looking forward to our future projects together."

Delft Hyperloop

Patrick Sheppard
Team Captain at Delf Hyperloop

"The Metaverse is revolutionising our world, enabling us to access unprecedented levels of web interactions. Thanks to these advancements, we are now able to engage with digital environments in more immersive and dynamic ways than ever before. This transformation is opening up a plethora of exciting opportunities and experiences in the digital realm."

Davis Technologies

Emily Davis
Business Development Director

"I've had the distinct pleasure of experiencing MadSpace's Digital Twin creations, and I must say, they are absolutely mind-blowing. The level of detail and accuracy in their work is truly remarkable, seamlessly bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Their innovative approach has significantly enhanced our understanding and interaction with digital replicas, and I am thoroughly impressed by their expertise."

Turner Tech Innovations

Emma Turner
Managing Director

"I was fortunate enough to have David as a manager on one of my projects, and I can honestly say it was a privilege. His leadership was nothing short of inspiring, blending professionalism with a personal touch that truly made a difference. Having worked closely with him, I now have the honour of calling him a friend. His impact on our project and my personal growth has been immensely positive."

BP Hungary

Viktor Knezevics
Former CEO

"Yes, they truly live up to their name – MADSPACE is not just a clever moniker! Their creativity and innovation are as 'mad' as the spaces they design. Each project showcases their unique ability to transform ordinary environments into extraordinary experiences. Their work is a delightful blend of wild imagination and meticulous execution, making each space a testament to their prowess."


Pal Uzoni
Founder and CEO

Our Mission is

Achieving Full Digital Transformation: Propelling Businesses into the AI driven Metaverse by 2030

Who We Are

We are pioneers in the metaverse, a collective of visionary artists, metaverse architects, and developers. United by a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to craft tailored metaverse experiences

Who we are

We are pioneers in the metaverse, a collective of visionary artists, metaverse architects, and developers. United by a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to craft tailored metaverse experiences

The Market Issue

In our constantly changing digital world, staying relevant and captivating is a big challenge. The difference between the real world and digital possibilities are growing. Without the right guidance, it's easy to fall behind. That's where WE come in.

They Trust Us

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Our Services Are

Experiences in Digital Worlds:

• Connect in Virtual Engagement Spaces
• Dive into Immersive, Interactive Environments
• Create Dynamic, Customizable Experiences

Artificial Intelligence

• Deploy AI Bots to Guide Users in Metaverses
• Educate AI to Specialize in Your Industry
• Build Custom AI Tools with OpenAI

Metaverse Strategy

• Specialized Consultancy Services
• Focus on Objective & ROI-Oriented Goals
• Adopt a Holistic & Multidimensional Approach

Augmented Reality

• Merge Digital & Physical Spaces
• Engage audiences in Innovative ways
• Accessible on Phones, PCs & Headsets


• Trade Digital Assets & Goods
• Host Immersive E-Commerce Events
• Facilitate Cross-Platform Transactions

Avatars & NFT Collections

• Define Your Digital Identity
• Grow Community & Brand Awareness
• Enable NFT-Based Ticketing & More

What We Do

Our solution:
Bridging physical and digital worlds = PHYGITAL

MAD Guys

Marketing specialist
Lead Software Developer
UI/UX Designer
CGI Artist
AI Assistant

Industries We Serve


designing next-level digital interactions

Virtual Events

designing next-level digital interactions

Arts & Entertainment

revolutionizing creativity, from virtual galleries to digital fashion.

Real Estate

changing how properties are shown and sold with AI driven virtual tours


making learning more engaging with immersive AI based Metaverse environments beyond the classroom.


transforming travel with virtual destinations and experiences.

Smart Cities & Infrastructure

Optimizing urban systems through simulated city models.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Simplifying navigation and training via virtual environments.

Family Entertainment Parks

Improving experiences with navigational and safety simulations.

Industrial Maintenance

Boosting efficiency across industries with predictive maintenance digital twins.


reinventing shopping with online metaverse stores

Energy and Utilities

create virtual models of their energy assets and simulate real-time performance

Marketing & Ads

captivating audiences with innovative metaverse campaigns and AI content.


We're reshaping financial engagements with immersive digital finance experiences.


enhancing gaming with captivating virtual worlds.

..and beyond!

Working Process

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Interesting Opinions

The metaverse is a massively interactive and immersive media system that spans multiple hardware devices, games, virtual worlds and platforms, giving users the ability to transcend geography, identity and even mortality.

Matthew Ball
Managing Partner at Epyllion Industries

The metaverse is not just about gaming or entertainment, but it's about creating a shared space where people can connect and interact with each other in new and meaningful ways, regardless of physical distance or differences.

Peggy Johnson
CEO of Magic Leap

The metaverse has the potential to create new opportunities for education, entertainment, and social interaction.  But we must also be vigilant about the risks it poses, particularly to young people.

Nick Clegg
Vice President of Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook

"The metaverse will be a world that transcends geography, nationality and even reality. It will be a space where people can come together to share experiences, form relationships and create value in ways that are impossible in the physical world."

Yat Siu
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands

I use MADSPACE website to digital world transformator because it quickly turns my old websites into stunning, immersive experiences. In just a few minutes, my outdated pages become modern and engaging. Highly recommended for anyone needing a fast and effective website upgrade.

Eva Maydell
Member of the European Parliament

The metaverse is a dream we've had for decades. It's the idea that we can create a virtual world that's as rich, complex, and meaningful as the real world, and that we can use it to solve some of our biggest problems.

Jeremy Bailenson
Founding Director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Standford

The metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtual enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the interne.

Neal Stephenson
Author of Snow Crash

We Create In


Metaverse is a graphical, hypothetical version of that rich virtual space where people can work, play, shop, and hang out. It is said to be reliable. You don’t have to do any of this in person to get it done. You won’t just be using the internet; you’ll be “in” it.

A Digital Twin is a virtual replica of a physical object or system that uses real-time data and simulation to optimize performance and predict future behavior. For example, in the manufacturing industry, a Digital Twin of a machine can simulate its operation and detect potential problems before they occur.

In a nutshell, no one and everyone. The longer, more helpful answer: the proverbial owners of the metaverse are the tool builders, software developers, world builders, artists, 3D modelers, game developers, users, and investors.

An example of Digital Twin in the power and energy sector is a virtual replica of a gas turbine. This Digital Twin can be used to simulate different operating conditions, optimize efficiency, and predict maintenance needs. By analyzing data from sensors on the turbine, the Digital Twin can help operators make informed decisions and avoid costly downtime.

While the metaverse can enable and expand access to certain aspects of work and consumption—from live events and experiences to digital art and avatar skins— It will never replace our fundamental need for face-to-face interaction and connection, even in a business setting.

A 3D digital twin provides an opportunity to present the complex digital environments of today’s industrial facilities in a way that is accessible, intuitive and allows all users to have a common framework for collaboration. In today’s highly mobile and remote working organizations, the 3D digital twin allows the entire workforce to be brought together to optimize performance, predict future behavior, and make informed decisions in industries such as manufacturing, energy, and healthcare.

No, you do not need to use a VR headset. They are accessible via web browser on a PC or tablet. Some programs are accessible with VR headsets, please contact us for more details.

Without a doubt. Digital twin technology has been gaining traction in various industries and is expected to grow significantly in the future. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the Digital Twin market is projected to reach USD 48.2 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 58.9% through 2026.

The metaverse is an industry with massive future potential. Investors have focused on it because they believe it is a great long-term investment opportunity because, while still in the development stage, it is and will be one of the megatrends of the coming years.

The first difference that should be mentioned is “Metaverses require a level of immersion that digital twins do not.” While digital twins can be utilized by anyone in the real world, metaverses typically ask users to immerse themselves by entering a virtual space. That also means there is a certain level of accessibility separating the two

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