Our Story

We realized, that it is not enough... after several years being in the high-end RE industry in CEE, working with the biggest companies in the region, we realized, there is a need not just to present the Projects, but to create the ultimate experience, hit the feelings, work with imagination & provide the vision of future. So we decided we will make this possible. After one year of development, in 2020 we finished our application and from that moment on, we are working hard to ensure our Partners have the perfect presentation tool for their Customers.

Who We Are

We are MADSPACE. An innovative team providing high-end sales & presentation solutions for architects and real-estate developers. We know how important it is to capture the first impression just right and how much rely on it... everything we experience comes & hits us through our eyes first: a good meal, nice dress, breathtaking view... even love itself! Thats the reason why we are so mad about visual perfection which we want to bring our Partners as well.



What we do

We have developed an application to present real-estate projects in the most innovative, complex, detailed & realistic way possible. Filled up with all the related info, using the widest range of filtering possibilities, enabling to change attributes in real time, showing all the important POI, surroundings & amenities - this application offers the deepest possible view (in both visual and technical details) to discover any RE Project.






Bring things to life - Imagination beyond limits, we breath life in to every project, giving yesterday's dreams a new dimension of reality thanks to photorealistic detailed work!

CGI solutions

Get your head in the game - We are developing interactive tools with the usage of the latest cutting edge visual technologies available on the market, the best visual quality for you - today!



Make an impression - Get the most stunning architectural visualizations: day & night, sunset & sunrise, rainy day, snow, wind, haze, fireworks, long exposure pictures and more!


Feel like home - Experience & adjust the colors and finishes of chosen surfaces to your preferences, combined with the atmosphere of lights turned on/off - all this in real time!

Smart filters

Just a few clicks - Our intuitive filtering and comparative tools help you to find the perfect fit that match the expectations & requirements!



Experienced professionals

We come to the table as partners rather than a service provider, combining our visual acumen and professional expertise, with amazing skillset and ability to execute quickly and efficiently. In MADSPACE we combine more than 10 years of experience in CGI, architectural design, sales, project management & execution... all this know-how in the service for the benefit of our Partners.

Always pushing the edges

Our goal is to be one step before our competitors and two steps ahead in mindset and know-how. Being the pioneers of visual experience creation gives not just us, but in the first place our Partners the advantage of being always in the headline. Together we create the ultimate experience that leaves a mark!

International team

With our home base in Bratislava SLOVAKIA, but working with the best talents from almost every part of the world,  we are able to globally oversee and adapt to the quickly changing environment, + bringing home the newest innovations & ideas to fulfill the quickly rising demand in visual presentation solution home and abroad as well!




David Minarik


Skilled project manager with international experiences in smart building solutions & innovative technology implementation

Mate Asboth


Architect, leading CGI artist & founding father of the idea, envisioning the ultimate visual presentation environment



EUROVEA, Pribinova 8

811 09, Bratislava





00 421 903 014 622

00 421 918 208 118

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